- February 21, 2017








The first printed t-shirt, worn publicly was on the cover of LIFE Magazine in 1942, made reference the Air Force Gunnery School, which was located in Las Vegas Nevada.

- Many notable T-shirt styles were produced in the 70s and are still a huge part of pop culture, today. These styles include: bright yellow happy face t-shirts, Rolling Stone t-shirts complete with the tongue sticking out gesture made famous by Mick Jagger and the iconic ‘I love (heart) New York’ t-shirt.

- The New York logo was created by Milton Glaser who, at the time, had no idea how popular this simple logo would become. Interestingly, Mr. Glaser created his famous logo free of charge, to help promote tourism in the city of New York. It has since been copied hundreds of times, promoting all sorts of locations, hobbies, organizations and causes.

- It is less expensive to have a design printed on a light colored t-shirt than on a dark one. This is because dark colored garments require a base coat of white ink, before any additional inks can be applied. This is to prevent colors from blending together. Another reason for the extra expense is that it costs t-shirt manufacturers more to produce dark colored clothing.

- Although there is speculation that the modern t-shirt evolved from undergarments worn by miners in the 1800′s, the word “T-shirt” didn’t become official until the 1920′s when Merriam Webster added the word to their dictionary.

- According to a Blue Cotton T-Shirt Survey four out of five Americans say they’re attached to at least one old t-shirt.
- An acre of cotton is enough to make 1200 t-shirts.